Recent and Upcoming Seminars

May 25, 2022

Every March, DRML staff and attorneys host an all-day workers’ compensation and liability seminar, which is offered free of charge to clients, adjusters, city attorneys and managers, risk managers, and other members of the community. Over the years, attendance has grown and our abilities have increased, and we are now offering a live stream of the event. This past March, we hosted the 16th Annual Seminar, which afforded up to 6 continuing education credits, and included topics like legal implications of COVID in the workplace, the interplay between Workers’ Compensation and Liability, emerging case law and hot topics in both areas of the law, and resolving cases with Medicare Liens, among many other topics.

Following that, DRML attorneys also hosted their annual 5-hour ethics seminar.

In keeping up with the times and adapting to limitations and restrictions initiated by the COVID pandemic, DRML attorneys now also offer webinars upon request. Should you prefer in-person seminars, we have a plethora of topics upon which we can present, or we can always prepare a seminar on a topic of your choosing. Please reach out to our office anytime if you would like us to prepare an in-person seminar or webinar.